Research Proposal on Alcohol Consumption

Students who understand the necessity of the investigation of the topic connected with the harmful impact of alcohol should do their best to prepare a high-quality PhD or Master’s research proposal on alcohol consumption and win the right to complete a research paper on this topic. Students realize the importance of the paper and want to make it perfectly well, so they take advantage of free samples of research proposals on alcohol consumption in the web to know how to write their own proposals correctly.

Alcohol has always been a part of our life and in many countries it is treated like a part of the culture. A great number of countries are associated with alcohol drinks. For example Italy, Greece, Georgia are associated with wine, Russia – with vodka, which means alcohol has great impact on people. It is obvious, that if you concentrate only on the cultural aspect of alcohol consumption, your proposal will surely be failed, because this problem can be researched in much broader way. Much can be said about the harmful influence of alcohol on human body and mind and it will not be a secret, that alcohol does not differ greatly from drugs.

Alcohol Consumption Case Study

Alcohol consumption causes big problems for human health and people often lose their life being under the effect of this substance. You may mention one of the biggest problems connected with alcohol and children writing a research proposal on alcohol consumption and family. Then, most street fighting, crimes are committed under the effect of alcohol, so you may present a research proposal on alcohol consumption and violence.

A well-analyzed research proposal on alcohol consumption should present a brief history of alcohol, where it came from, its role for people (it is used in medicine) and dwell your attention to its harmful effects. A successful research proposal should be convincing and logical, full of reliable evidence which support your point of view. Having described the disadvantages of alcohol, present effective ways which can help alcoholics get rid of this habit and reduce the amount of the consumed alcohol by people. You should provide methods, ideas which can help people understand that alcohol is harmful and convince them to lead a healthy way of life.

A great number of literary sources will be helpful, if you want to collect high-quality data for the topic. Read encyclopedias, articles of various scholars who have researched the impact of alcohol on human organism and mind. Then, read free examples of research proposals on alcohol consumption in the web to know how to organize the paper, how to start and develop it effectively. Having read much, you can borrow this experience for your own successful research proposal writing.