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?Analysis of The Great Expectation Movie Essay

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Analysis of The Great Expectation Movie

The great expectation movie is adapted from a novel by Charles Dickens which is written on 1860s. Many of Dickens’ literary works that is representation about his poor life and the society in his years like Oliver Twist. According to Ian Watt theory, there are there kinds of relations in the literary works, they are: Social context of writer

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The reflection of society in or through literary work
The social function of literature

In this sense, I try to apply the second point Ian Watt’s theory that says “The reflection of society in or through literary work”. This means that the literary work creates from the society happen at that time. The society can influence the literary work because the author that lives at that time would try to imagine and write what happen at that time into literary work. The literary work is the representation of society, it describes the phenomena of its society where the phenomena is influent on the every kind of society have, in this case at the 17th century where Charles Dickens life at that time, one of the phenomena in society is poured on The Great Expectation movie that wants to approve the separation of social class system. Social class plays a major role in the society, portrayed in Charles Dickens’ The Great Expectation, focusing on the behaviors of the most dejected criminals. There are three levels of society, such as: low class, middle class and high class. On the scene, when Fin is in London the different class is so clear to see.

The style of high class is seen when they get on together to tea. It is reflection of the society in which the activities of high class groups are get on together, talking and drinking in an expensive place looks like they are not anything else important to do and trifling a low class member like Fin done who is made fun by Bentley Drummle. At the 17th century, the society differenced so tight where the high class is like a super power that can do everything they want in high-handed. The high class treatment for the lower class is so impolite, where they think that the poor man must been put low. It is like in the Oliver Twist movie where the society of 17th in London seen the same view. On 17th century in England, The working class has so bad system in which the labor included child. In particularly they work in the textile industry.

On the education stage, the gentleman can extend which they received public school or private school, the can choose what kind of school the want but for poorer, being a labor is a good thing to do. On the scene, when Fin is young, he works for Miss Havisham where he gets fee from her. This play describes England at 17th century where a child works although it is not fully same as being the labor in the textile industry but it has the same view that child also can do work. So at that time, the rich man be richer and the poor man be poorer. In conclusion, The Great Expectation movie is a reflection or representation of society system in England on 17th century. The separating of social class and the system is differenced according to the class levels. The education and the labor system in England at that time are not as right now in which children also include as workers who work for some factory for fulfilling and surviving their own life.