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Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Product / Product Category Chosen – Instant food- Noodles India’s noodles market is estimated at over Rs. 3,000 crore in annual sales. It is growing at 20% per annum. Nestle is the market leader with 58. 3% market share in the overall category and over 80% in the pure noodles category. However, the company is facing strong competition from new entrants, including multinationals and niche players which are looking to gain a share of the fast-growing instant noodles category in India. Methodology to be adopted –

We will study about instant noodles consumption behaviour of XIME Students by making selected representative sample of 100 people residing in hostel, take Questionnaires on various topics related to the purchase of instant noodles. We will also use storytelling technique to understand the association and buying behaviour of the product through real-life stories regarding their use and experience of the product. Brief causes and aims of the work- Most students at XIME have domiciles in various provinces of the country and live in the hostel. As most students have no incomes, they have to save their expenditure on consumption.

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Therefore, the instant noodles are their first choice because there are several brands and original and new flavours of the instant noodles which meet consumers’ need. Therefore, the idea is to learn about what events or factors affecting the consumption of instant noodles students. Through this research we will try to find out the reason for the purchase, appropriate price and quality and flavour of student satisfaction. We will collect data to analyse the behaviour of students instant noodle consumption. Keywords – Instant noodles, Questionnaire, Storytelling, Buying behaviour. Submitted by- Pallav Bora(106)