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Gran Torino Essay

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Malith Samaradivakara 4/28/2013 MCS 100 Culture Film 2 Gran Torino A movie I watched and liked a lot was Gran Torino. I thought this movie was great! There is a lot of culture in this film. Gran Torino is about Walt, a Korean War veteran, who’s neighbor Thao Vang Lor is pressured into stealing his Ford Gran Torino by this gang. Thao is caught and Walt makes sure he deserves a punishment. Walt makes Thao do chores around the house for a month.

During this time, Walt and Thao develop a strong relationship among each other. I learned a lot about Korean culture such as the food they eat. At one part of the movie, Walt is invited over for dinner at Thao’s house. He is introduced to many foods that he never even heard of. The food looked really good to me! It reminds me of some of the foods I eat such as rice and curry. Thao and his family tells him to try everything.

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I learned from this movie that Koreans are very friendly and love to get together and host special events. I also learned that the kids live with their parents and take care of them until death. I thought this was really interesting because this is how Sri Lankan culture is too. We as kids are suppose to take care of our parents as they get older. I liked this film a lot and I hope I watch it again in the future.