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Personal Definition of Health “What does health mean to me”, well health is relative to the well-being of the body. This only includes the physical and mental as well. Health is not only when you are sick or afflicted with some other ailment, but having your physical and mental health being in a good stable condition. Also means health refers to the status of the body weather a body of an animal or a human being.

A state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity it is the general condition of a persons mind and body, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury and pain. The Hauora has been compared to the four walls of a whare, each wall representing a different dimension. All four are necessary for strength and stability.

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There are four dimensions of Hauora; Taha Tinana (Physical well-being health), Taha Hinengaro (Mental and Emotional self-confidence), Taha Whanau (Social well-being self-esteem) and Taha Wairua (Spiritual well-being personal beliefs). There is physical, emotional/mental, social and spiritual caring. Hauora hypothesis Hauora includes four dimensions which influences and supports each other. It comprises taha tinana (physical), taha hinengaro (mental and emotional), taha whanau (social) and taha wairua (spiritual).

After our 8 week programme that we will be executing, the positive changes that I would like to achieve would be to heighten a little more skill and health in all four dimensions because I know that my taha tinana which is my physical well-being is a high quality and is my strength and also my team strategies when it come to court work, but in that dimension such as fitness and flexibility are not so high professionally wise and does tend to bring me down, but this 8 week programme will absolutely boast up that part in my well-being.

Also I would like to try and balance out all four dimensions as much as I can, because I know I have the skill of my taha tinana and taha whanau, and even though my well-being with taha hinengaro and taha wairua is fine it isn’t as high as my first two which I do tend to favour in some types of normal day activities and for all my sports relations between Volleyball and Netball I do only concentrate on my physical well-being and do forget about the other three dimensions.

Due to my lack of self-control I am a competitive sports person and needs to relax in high intensity moment when I’m under pressure because it doesn’t just effect my performance it also effects my relationship with my team because no wants to play with a psycho on court or off court, but that’s something that I can overcome by talking to friends, family and also the coaches to help improve my attitudes towards those types of situations.

To make my taha whanau (social well-being) increase more I will need to relax more and be friendly because when the sports stop my taha whanau will be fine. So my goals and sense and sense of achievement, would be to lift weaker dimension to a professional standard and balance my everyday healthy life and sporting life which will help me during my high school and future sports that I would love to pursue.

Something that I know that will become of a problem for me and I will have to encounter, would be my lack of focus and because during this 8 week programme I will be doing this around my friends and my mind will just be off task, talking and what not, which could come under taha hinengaro (mental and emotional), im just easily distracted when it comes to seeing friends and being in a group session, but because am infront of people I know really well, I don’t want them to laugh if I was to make a mistake during my programme or hurt myself but that’s just something I have to build up such as confidents in myself and my ability of skills that I know that I have and just believing in my friends. To overcome my weaknesses and problems in our 8 week programme I will just have to build more confidence because my biggest fear is failing and not giving 100% in my performance at a high standard. Setting myself personal goals to push and drive me to accomplish them all, and also relaxing resting my body so that I can recover for the next set of sports that I will end up playing.

Well after this 8 week programme I will see my body grow greatly and develope more skill towards all the 4 dimensions as well as my sport skills improving and my fitness status increased. If all my personal goals that I set myself have been accomplished and all 4 dimensions balanced to a high level, which wont be just at ease with one dimension. Accomplishing in all 4 dimensions would help me become a professional athlete and a healthier human-being. Goals: 1. To improve the height I can jump up to receive a ball, also if the ball was to rebound of the hoop. 2. Improve the speed and take off the transverse line. 3. Build more power in my upper body such as my arms to throw my passes at a long distant range. 4.

Changing direction with speed and also stopping getting foot work right to decrease stepping errors and injuries. 5. Shooting skills. How to test: 1. Vertical jump and Polymeric training My Current: My vertical jump is at 19. Where I aim to be: For a normal play in Netball their vertical jump should be at 26, so that what I aim to reach or even higher. 2. Sprints, interval training or continuous training. My Current: Where I aim to be: 3. Arm power test against a stationary wall. Keep going until you have no more strength in your arms to throw another ball at the wall because the distance will be further away after hitting the wall 10 times. My Current: I only reached to 6 sets, so 60 hits to the wall was my limit.

Where I aim to be: I would like to be reaching 100 hits on the wall, so 10 sets of 10 on the wall or weight training. 4. Illinois agility test will let me test my agility and my fast quick feet movement. Try and get below 17 second which will be excellent. My Current: I ran the test at 19. 26 second, my very first attempt. Where I aim to be: My aim is to reach those 17 seconds or lower. 5. Shoot 100 shots and see how much I miss and just repeat that. My Current: due to extra shooting at home I shoot around 150 a day, 100 in the morning and 50 before I have dinner and my average shooting percentage would be about 80%. Where I aim to be: I obviously I would like to be hitting that 100% shooting, advantage to have no one defending you. Purpose: 1.

Your vertical jump is an important element when it comes to Netball such as having to catch your rebounds off the hoop when shooting, for me being a shooter in my sport. My jump is very important. I think that it is defiantly an area which I can improve in. I will need to be contesting all rebounds, without having the defence stealing the ball easily. 2. My legs need to adjust to the situation of the game because in parts of the game I do get a little recovery time, doing the sprints and interval training will help me build my speed off the take and help me to increase the speed of my recovering time. I can really improve on my speed to help with my intercepts and my fitness. 3.

This is the biggest part when it comes to the sport netball throwing the ball, building power in your arms is essential because changing the speed of the ball is how to trick your opponent. Passing the all over the opposition when on attack. I need to have enough power to propel the hall over everyone and ensure that my teammate receives the ball easily and safety. Due to the power in my arms being so weak it is a high risk toward my team and it tends to give my opposition the easy intercept. I just need to build up more power in my upper body. 4. Give me enough power in my legs to enable me to change direction family quickly which is essential if I was to miss an intercept and restrict the space of my opponent.

I defiantly need to train my fast feet to change direction quickly to contest against my opponents movements for a shooter you need defence through the whole courter attack or mid-counter. 5. Being a shooter in the circle on court my level of shooting needs to be at a high level, so doing my 100 shots a day will decrease the limit of times I miss, and make me perform to a high standard. Methods of training Netball training sessions are usually based around 1-1. 5 hours, it is important to focus on individual needs as well as whole team necessities. The Principles of Training Training is the course we go through to arouse our body to adapt in a positive way to exercise thereby increasing our physical capacities.

It is important to know and understand the scientific principles of physical training to develop an effective program that will allow you to reach your performance goal. Often athletes spend a lot of time training without necessarily improving their performance. This lack of improvement is a result of failing to properly follow the principles of training. This becomes even more important as the athlete level of fitness improves. Generally, as the athlete becomes ‘fitter’, greater attention to the quality and quantity of training is required as gains become smaller. The training approaches I will be using throughout my 8 week training programme will be centred vastly around a variety of skills, such as rising aerobic endurance and agility such as long and short distance running, nterval training etc… also working towards a aspect on improving muscular power and endurance such as resistance training and weight training to strength my upper body for those passes that is required in a professional standard of netball and to also have an enhancement in overall physical wellbeing. These principle will include; Reversibility, Frequency, Overload, Intensity, and Duration. Reversibility: “If you don’t use it, lose it “. Any athlete training after time of caused by injuring knows they cannot pick up exactly where they left off. Unfortunately, the body seems to lose muscle much more quickly that it is gained. A general proportion is 3:1 i. e. missing one week of training requires you to do three weeks to get back to the same level. However, this needs to be balanced against the fact that the longer the build-up to a certain level of fitness, the slower the losses in periods of no training and vice versa.

The trick to maximise the benefit of your training time is to identify the training objective for each training session and making sure it supports the overall performance goal of your training programme. Then you can manipulate the frequency, intensity and duration of the training session to obtain the stimulation necessary to promote the physiological adaptation what will permit you to reach your performance goal. Intensity: Is the second principle of exercise and can be summarised by asking the question “How hard should I be training? ” Muscles and the physiological system that support them adapt as the result of consistently applied stimulation that is great than normal. By correctly applying the principle of intensity, we can “overload” the muscles groups and energy system we are targeting. Frequency: