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Issues that the Newly Elected U.S. President Should Address Essay

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Issues that the Newly Elected U.S. President Should Address

            There is no doubt that the present most powerful and very influential country, the United States of America, is facing great challenges and difficulties in both the social and economical aspects, which cause too much suffering for the Americans and the entire nation. As mentioned in his inaugural speech in the White House, the newly elected President Elect Barack Hussein Obama has accepted the fact and truthfully told the entire American people that the challenges they are facing are real and enormous that requires a lot of hard-work on the part of the government and on the side of the people, towards rebuilding the new America and reclaiming the American Dream (“President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address,” 2009). In this regard, this essay would concentrate on determining the current vital issues which the newly elected United States President Barack Obama should prioritize and accordingly address in order to initiate changes and lift the entire American country from its current poor condition.

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            Prior to the day when Senator Barack Obama sworn as the newly President Elect of the United States, the entire American country is already experiencing an enormous financial crisis, which is referred to as the financial recession. In this regard, Senator Barack Obama, as the newly President-elect of the United State, must accordingly address and prioritize the restructuring and strengthening, once again, of the present economic condition of America to be able to protect the global financial stability of the United States. According to most of the financial experts, the United States is now facing its worst economic recession in 26 years, since the year 1982. Thus, the newly elected U.S. president elect Barack Obama must immediately address this economic issue in order to accordingly prevent the threats of experiencing once more the great financial depression during the early days of the United States history (Guha, 2008).

In addition to this, to accordingly address the issue of economic recession in the country, President-elect Barack Obama must also prioritize the settlement of the coutnry’s financial obligations that is now estimated to have reached sixty five trillion dollars (Shattered Paradigm, 2009). Moreover, protecting the interest of local businesses and industries must also hold a place in the list of priorities of President Obama in order to prevent the negative outcomes where businesses are forced to close and industries are collapsing due to bankruptcy and accordingly control the increase in unemployment and lost of jobs.

Apart from addressing and prioritizing the current economic condition and/or financial crisis of the country, the issue with regard to employment is also one of the evident current social issues that are in need of a relative amount of actions and attention from the current national government.

Ever since the beginning of the present financial slump in the country in 2007, the rate of unemployment has started to increase across the entire United States to become 6.7 percent (“Economy at a Glance,” n.d.). Hence, as of January 2009, there is an estimated 577,000 unemployed Americans in the United States (“US unemployment rate reaches 7.6%,” 2009). In this regard, President Obama must include the task of creating jobs for these people and resolving the issue of unemployment as one of his foremost rebuilding plans for the entire United States of America to be able to render the Americans the right to showcase their capabilities and earn an income to support their daily living. Through this, President-elect Obama and his government can take part and relieve the Americans from their financial burdens and suffering in light of the common dangers that the country is facing.

Lastly, the current government and President Obama must as well prioritize and accordingly address the issue concerning the education system in the United States. As it can be observed, the present education system in the country is being challenged and is facing the threat of losing its full significance. Thus, through appropriate attention and immediate actions from the government, the educational system could be preserved and improved so that the future generations of America could enjoy and take advantage of this towards a brighter tomorrow.

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