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It is often very difficult to recall dreams Essay

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It is often very difficult to recall dreams. At the moment of dreaming one feels that he is a part of the story that is unravelling in the dream, but try to record it on getting up, it is often not possible. There are some times however when one can vividly recal lthe dream, but not always. It is also very evident that the moods and experiences of the person, his relations are vey much reflected in the dream, and often one can very clearly recall many of his friends and family in the dream. Keeping a dream diary has been an excellent way to analyse the situation.

It is also true, that events which have occurred over the past day or even in the past week, form a major basis of the theme of the dream, whether happy or sad. For example, 3 days back I remember waking up after a very unusual dream of being in some pain and difficulty. It is very difficult to exactly recall the events in the dream, but it was something like I was being ridiculed in public, or maybe that there was some physical hurt. When I woke up, I realised that this may have been true, because I  had been having a particularly tough week professionally, though not something as alarming. What appeared that maybe on the subconscious front, some events of the actual life remain in the mind, and that event forms a ackground for the theme of the dream

Yesterday in the dream, I recall that I was actually having some ice cream and chocolate, and being in the park with some friends and family. It was a feeling of joy, and I woke up in a happy state. What then surprised me was the recall of events of yesterday when in fact I had purchased and eaten some chocolates. However this is not to state that all dreams have  a basis. I recall on so  many occasions, that I have had dreams that have no connection to reality at all, and are extremely strange, often scary, while in others, there is so much importance given to you  in the dream, to make you feel as important as some VIP. All said and done, it is often  the mental make up, the events, the family and friends who form a very important part of the story of the “dream”