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Job change Essay

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Job change

Rule 6. Hold change resisters hands.

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The ultimate universal rule is “Everything changes but change”. Everything in the world will change one fine day but change will not. The change resistors are the people who we can see at any office. These people do not accept the changes and want to remains in their older stance regardless of the gain that they will acquire by adopting the change. Most of these change resistors are not willing to put some extra effort to manage the change that comes in front of them.  For example Alcoa Aluminum in 2001 introduced a new aged SAP ERP system into their employees. The core aim of Alcoa Aluminum was to keep their employees comfortable and to maintain automated system to accommodate large kind of production, manufacturing and raw material related details. In the very beginning 75% of the non-technical staffs of the Alcoa Aluminum oppose the SAP implementation, the management trying hard to explain the benefits the employees would enjoy by using the software system such as SAP.

Obviously the management didn’t understand why the employees unanimously opposing the software implementation, indeed the management assured for SAP training to the employees. Finally the management decides to call up the famous business and HR consultant Shiv Khera to find out the actual problem of their employees. Sive Khera held separate group meetings with the employees, he found most of the employees of Alcoa Aluminum were not familiar with computer and they were not ready to adopt any changes in their work behaviour. Moreover Sive Khera realise that the employees didn’t have courage to meet the new technical change in the form of SAP and he informed the Alcoa Aluminum management that their employees are highly scared over the change. Then Sive Khera conduct motivating classes and sessions for Alcoa Aluminum employees and he explained how the new age world being dramatically changed and computerised, what are all the benefits the employees can enjoy by adopt this new change and how the computer literacy will help the employees to enhance themselves.