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Journal: News

            The news is something that everyone is interested to watch. In many sense, the news is an essential component of the society. The news tells us of the important things that are happening in our society. That is why as a concerned citizen, I watch the news whenever I can.

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            There are several kinds of news that I follow, global news, news about the Iraq war, health section, and entertainment. The global news keeps me updated with what is happening around the world. But essentially, global news is very useful in getting informed about globally-significant events and price changes in the world market like in oil.

News about the Iraq war is something that I recommend that we should follow. That is not only because I’m a service member but because it is something that concerns all citizens. The news about the Iraq war gives us a better idea of what is happening back there.  We are being informed about the seriousness of the situation back there. In addition to that, it is also something that is significant to the whole world.

On the lighter part of the news, I watch the health section whenever there is an opportunity. In the past-paced beat of the modern world, it is important that we keep ourselves fit and healthy so that we could keep up.

And lastly, entertainment news maybe the least significant of them all but it also serves an important role. There are so many things that are transpiring within our society. Sometimes the news becomes depressing to watch. The entertainment section of the news somehow lightens the mood. Moreover, the entertainment section is always presented in a very-easy-to-digest manner. And so reading the entertainment section could be a form of relaxation.

            The news is something that is of great value to the community. It keeps us informed and thus knowledgeable and socially aware individuals.


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