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Latinos are among American communities Essay

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            Latinos are among American communities united by common language. They have some differences but generalization can be applied. There are common attitude and values within Latino culture which poses challenges to health and human service professionals. Some Latino cultures like language and beliefs pose the challenges. When Latinos seek formal medical care from health care professionals they have different expectations thus satisfactions they get are different. Ineffective communications and interaction contributes to reduced access to health services. Communication barriers in associated with language differences and cultural competency of the professionals. Some Latinos view food, illness and treatment as having hot and cold properties. They balance hot illness, cold medication and food (Lecca, et. al., 1998, p.37)

            Some health and human services professionals are from different cultural background from Latino thus being faced with language challenges. They face serious challenges due to different responses from Latinos based on their cultural beliefs. Education and socioeconomic of Latinos challenges their health issues. At the age of high-tech, highly specialized medicine together with the ancient folks like Curanderismo affect Latinos health care and health and human professionals have to understand them to be in a position to deal with the population. This poses challenge to those professionals who are immigrants because they don’t understand them. Spirituality and religious beliefs play significant role in health care of Latinos. Most Latinos believe that their health problems are as a result of God’s will thus turning to traditional healers. Distrust on artificial medicines makes Latinos decline on treatment. This challenges health and human professional because they should be familiar with all cultural practices among Latinos (Lecca, et. al., 1998, p. 42)

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            My suggestions to overcome these challenges are that health and human professional should develop strategies to addressing these challenges. They should undergo training on Latino’s cultural practices so that they can be culturally competent.  Being culturally competent will help them in dealing with any health problems facing Latino population. These professional should also train the community on the importance of receiving such services (Lecca, et. al., 1998, p.51)

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