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Leadership Practices Essay

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In the last 16 years I have had the opportunity to know and work with many great leaders within The Church of the Living God International (CLGI), who display the characteristics of great Biblical leaders. The leader within the church that I admire most is Elder Kevin Glover, Pastor of New and Living Way, CLGI in Warner Robins, Georgia. The Biblical leader, among the many that God has chosen, that I admire most is the Apostle Paul.

My admiration for Elder Glover is as a result of working directly with him in the ministry. He exhibits Godly leadership in that he not only preaches the Word of God, but demonstrates it as well in all facets of his life. He is not afraid of work; he is one who knows his job well; he is one who is able to lead not only in spiritual matters, but also the business aspects of the church. I have observed him listen with care and concern to those under him, whether it is a seasoned pastor or the new convert.

However, the characteristic that I admire most is Elder Glover’s compassion and willingness to go beyond what is necessary to help just one individual. There was an instance where a member was in a very austere situation and ended up leaving home to walk dark and dangerous streets. He personally got in his car and drove for hours to find this member. The member is still standing within the church today. He did not give up. These characteristics of Elder Glover mirror that of the Apostle Paul.

Paul was one who demonstrated Godly leadership especially in times of adversity. He took on the cares of the church while completely depending on God for his own needs. He was a leader who was totally loyal to God until he died. His epistles set the framework for my own life as a husband and a father, as a leader within my church, to always remain loyal to God no matter the circumstances. Elder Glover and the Apostle Paul are two leaders among the many great leaders in my life that have helped me immensely. I desire to become a leader whom God will be pleased.