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Mangoes: Delicious Mango Granola Essay

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The mango, (Mangifera indica) was once native to Asia, but is now exported to almost every country and continent. It is a major fruit crop in many countries such as Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand and China. The trees are long-lived, as some trees still ?ower after over 250 years. Mango trees ?ower best in a warm or tropical environment, with frequent, light rainfall. It also helps if the soil is mildly acidic and 1 or 2 metres deep.

Mangoes are generally harvested Many delicious foods use A mango’s leaves are dark Mangoes are known as the ‘Super Fruit’, as they are rich in by hand in lower class countries, mango as their ?avour base. green above and pale below, usually red while young. Once “One of Australia’s favourite pre-biotics, vitamins, minerals, but can be plucked by a a growth spurt is completed, smoothies is ‘The Mango and even copper! mechanic harvester also. the stems will harden and turn Tango’ ” According to Jeff Allis, green. The mango ?owers Mangoes ?ower in spring, and A freshly cut mango is a Boost Juice Bar Co-Owner. ange from yellowish to red. fantastic source of potassium. the fruit matures from October Mango ice-cream, cake and Mangos are self-fertile, so a through to April, depending on chutney are also common 100 g fruit supplies 156 mg of single tree will produce fruit without cross pollination. The the variety and the location. foods. There are also the potassium and just 2 mg of A mango (fruit) harvester could delicious mango granola, the fruits grow at the end of a long sodium! Mangoes also work as stem, with occasionally three set you back around $50,000! humble prawn and mango or more fruits to a stem.

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The electrolytes and are extremely cocktail or mango and chicken fruits generally begin as a I think i’ll stick to buying mine refreshing! salad which is fabulous in the round shaped object, but grow from the supermarket thanks! to become the shape of a summer! Kayla Thomas 8F 2012 kidney. http://www. agric. wa. gov. au/PC_92665. html – Mango Growing in Western Australia http://www. crfg. org/pubs/ff/mango. html – Mango Fruit Facts Woolworth’s Supermarket Wallan http://www. nutrition-and-you. com/ – Mango Nutritional Facts http://boostjuice. com. au/ – Boost Juice Bars Australia