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Over Coming the Worst Day of My Life Essay

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The worst day of my life was the day I learned that my father died. Overcoming the difficulty imposed by that tremendous loss made me stop and think about what life is really about. In the six years sense I have overcome many obstacles. I have learned and experienced things I never thought possible. I remember the absolute worst day of my life the day was Friday, July 20 2007. It was a day that started out as an ordinary day like usual.

That was until my grandmother got a call from my mother who told her that my father had gone to bed an hour ago, and had not woken, my mother added that he was as purple in the face, so she had called EMS, and they had just arrived to take him to the hospital. Well, we arrived at the hospital about the same time as the ambulance did. In my mind I can still hear the sirens from the EMS truck. They lead us to a curtained room area where I heard the words that changed my life forever.

Although I already knew from the look on the doctor’s face, and from the way he was breathing, that the doctor was going tell my family and I that he was gone. I plugged my ears with my fingers to prevent me from hearing them. Once I pulled my fingers out of my ears, the only things I could hear were screaming, and Crying. I was in total shock , I kept thinking , in my mind that this was all a terrible , and horrific nightmare , however I soon realized the reality of the situation , and all of a sudden , I became heartbroken , and went berserk!

I wasn’t just sad; I was sad and mad at the same time. I was mad at the doctor for reasons that even the doctor couldn’t control, there was nothing he could do anyway. I yelled every filthy and dirty thing word at him that I humanly knew, and being a male I the Karem family is a lot. I cursed the security guards and broke a ceramic plastic case with my fist, and punched a nurse who had just had breast cancer surgery. I finally calmed down, however my heart I was torn to shreds. I started to blame God, but then I realized maybe I knew why God took my father away.

I mean my father didn’t really take good care of himself he would eat steak for dessert if you let him. He was taking care of my mom who really cannot take care of herself, and he work the night shift at Wal-Mart cleaning floors, and other things for that matter. He just worked himself to death. The combination of these factors created a giant asteroid of stress that caused my father’s heart to just simply explode. My father’s death however was peaceful, and painless. I don’t believe he even knew he had died. Six years have gone by now, since the passing of my father.

Nevertheless my father lives in me. In fact I take my father with me in everything I do, and every place I go, in my heart of course. My father is that extra fire, and that extra energy that not only pushes me, but it also drives me to keep terminating the obstacles in my way. I don’t ever back down from a challenge. I’m a fighter by heart , in an emotional manner of course , however I am not afraid to fight someone , only it has to be worth it , and has to be done the right way , if the reason isn’t worth fighting over , then I will do the right thing a just simply walk away.

By doing this, I’m not accepting defeat, (nor will I ever) what I am doing is just simply setting an example for all to follow by proving I am being a better person by just rising above the hate. Now during the past six years, a lot has changed in my life, and I have learned a lot of life lessons, no lesson I have leaded over the last 6 years has been bigger than the one I learned they day my father passed away. That day signified that it was time for me to grow up. On that day I decided to take it upon myself to get the best grades possible during my 8th grade year.

However by doing so I had to accept the fact that If I really wanted to get the best grades I could, during my 8th grade year then I was going to have to make some personal sacrifices. This could have meant that, instead of going outside to play basketball or football with my neighborhood friends, I would stay in the house, and do my homework. As a result of my determination to get the best grades during my 8th grade year, I successfully got good grades. I expanded this scholastic determination into my freshman year at Eastern High School.

I fact I worked twice as hard. I was still in the mode of trying to get the best grades possible, at the time I thought this was the only way that I was going to make my father proud of me. At the time I thought that if I received any grades less then perfection, ten would have failed my father. So I studied for hours, some nights as long as 4 hours, and did a ton of homework. However it was this type of effort that resulted in me finishing the year with a 3. 4 GPA, and being inducted into the Beta club.

Nevertheless, I once again felt the same as I did the previous year, empty. Unfortunately my sophomore year came along; my attitude took a drastic change for the worst. I was 16 at the time, and, I let the entitlement of being 16 get to my head. I began to put assignments off, allowed myself to become lazy, and I developed a very foul smart mouth. As a result, I failed two of my classes that year. Fortunately I managed to get back on track during my junior year, by directing my attention back on to my studies.

However you probably wondering how did I manage to do so? I got back on track by establishing an honor code for myself. This code is the one thing that not only describes exactly what I stand for, but it also provides me with the structural guidelines I need so that I can prevent turning another step backwards, and It helps to aid me in setting a plan for how I will reach my goals in life. This honor code I have established is called: H. L. R R. I. P, I bet you are wondering what this means?

Well the (H) stands for Hustle, this means that at all times I must give 150% in everything I do , doing so by doing whatever is need to stay physically strong , mentally awake , and morally straight , each , and every day I am on this earth. This means Watching what I eat, and how much I eat, as well as making sure that I get plenty of exercise. This also means that I must make sure that I am getting plenty of rest a night; this is so I can be at my best, not just physically, but mentally as well. Finally, I must make sure that I am practicing good personal Hygiene.

This way I can be at my best, feel my best, and look my best, because first impression really makes a difference. The (L) stands for Loyalty, This Means That I am always loyal to all of those who are loyal to me, and believe in me. Which means if you are someone who I can trust, and confide in, while knowing they won’t stab me in the back because I will know, how will I know you might ask? Well I will know by twos one easy why is their eyes , I can always tell if someone has the potential of betraying ones trust by the way they look at someone , and see the way their eyes glares when they look at you.

The other way connects back to their eyes that would be their facial expression , I have always been a guy that doesn’t effectively respond to words , What I effectively respond to is actions , and facial expression if someone gives me a rouged look that looks like a smirk I know I should be cautious of that person which means being careful to what I say to that person , and to be care of how I present myself t that person , and because how I act around that person because , I have no idea what that person is fully capable of doing. If I don’t know this, how can I know the degree of consequences that I could face?

The (R) stands for Respect; this means that I am respectful to my elders, my family and my friends. This means to be considerate of other space, Idea’s, beliefs, and other people’s personal life. that means when I address some one older than me or with an established and creditable title I properly address them as maim or sir , or Professor , or doctor etc. it also means that appreciate others abilities. , and give them credit when deserved. However I am a guy who firmly believes respect is not taken or given away, but earned. So if someone doesn’t show me, and other’s respect, then they should not expect it from me.

It goes both ways. However it also means that I will always respect my enemies as well , However , not in the manner your thinking , what I really mean by showing respect for my enemies is y respecting my enemies talents , and abilities , and not them physically , that type of respect like I said earlier is not taken , or given away , but earned. The Second (R) stands for Responsibility , this means that I am not only responsible for what I say , and what I do , but I also have to understand , accept , and learn from the consequences of those words or Actions that I have chosen engage in.

This goes back to what I said earlier about being careful about what I say around people who either I don’t like, or people who don’t like me. I have understand that hat I do , say or how I act effects other people , which could come back to haunt me for the rest of my life I am not perfect , although who is? I am human and all humans make mistakes. But this point of my honor code most importantly means that I must learn from my mistakes, if can’t do that how am I supposed to become a successful human being? Because to become a successful Human Being, you have to not only make mistakes but you also have to learn from your mistakes.

The (I) stands for Integrity, this means that I will not waste my time with those people who are either, immature, disrespectful, and ignorant or all three; instead I will rise above them, and set the example for to hopefully follow. This means when people are acting stupid, making fun of me or doing stupid things behind my back thinking it’s going to cause harm to me then I just ignore it, or in other word blow it off and stay away from those people because they are the ones who are keeping me off the path I need to be on, however If I allow them to then nobody is at fault, but me.

However the reality is that what other people think of me, say to me, or do to me really does not bother me. I will just ignore them and let them do what they want to do unless it’s an extremely hostel situation. This part of the code also means that I must be careful to who I not only associate with, also who I chose to befriend, if I chose to associate with the wrong types of people, without think about how it effects my family or myself, then I am my own cause for getting off the path that I have created for myself. I also could put my family at risk and even myself at risk so I must be selective to whom I associate with.

The last point of the Honor Code is (P) which stands for, Performance, this at all times I must stay hungry never stop fighting, and to never give up on my dreams, and aspirations I have set for myself. While also giving 150% each and every day. The only way to live by this rule is to never surrender. for example let’s say I have a pretty changing project that is due the next day Instead of putting it off and instead of just saying I am not going to do it, and I need the grade to pass then what I’ll do is work on it until it is completed regardless of how long time it takes, how tired I may be, or how much work is required.

As a result , of following this honor code I establishing myself , I able to get my GPA back up to 3. 0 ,finish my Senior year with a 3. 7 GPA (for my senior year) , and graduate with an Honors diploma. The day graduation day arrived I was the happiest I have been in years but it also was one of the most sadist days of my life for many reasons. One reason knew that my father was not going to be there physically to watch me receive my diploma. The other reason was, knowing that this probably was going to be the last time I was going to see most of my friends, for a long time, possibly forever. Knowing this made that day even harder.

However what got me through that day was knew that my father was there in spirit. It literally felt like my father received the diploma with me. On that day I had finally become a young adult, and with being a young adult come’s great responsibility. I had finally realized that it was up to me to stay on track, which makes it difficult to stay on track, and focus on what I should be focused on. I decided that I was not going to let it scare me , I was not going to let it control me , and most importantly I was not going to let it Defeat me. I will not rest until I become what I have strived to become.

I will fight with everything I have until the battle is won; doing so with honor, and respect. To this day, I have lived by People away ask why God lets bad things happen to Good caring people, but not the people who deserve it. Well God isn’t letting bad things happen to anyone, in fact most of the time; we let bad things to ourselves happen by thinking about bad things happing to us. God has just given us all a free will what we chose to do with it is our problem This is life as we know it , it may be unfair at times but , at least , it gives us the opportunity to live , and grow , as individuals.

The eventual retaliation is that after experiencing events of absolute devastation, the healing process will soon begin. When it does we begin to feel better, and we begin to move on with our lives. This helps us to understand what the true value of life really is about. Yes , I lost my father , and was devastated , but I moved on and it was the love from my Family , and the usage of the honor code I established that allowed me to overcome the devastating tragedy I experienced 6 years ago. I know I love my father unconditionally, and I always will.

However I also know that my father is up there in haven right now looking down at me, and simple just smiling at the man I am slowly, but surly becoming. Nevertheless, it’s now my turn to take my rightful place in the circle of life. I’m no longer the immature, baby to cub I once was. I am now a young and matured lion that is ready to kill any obstacles that gets in my way of making my dreams, my aspirations, and my goals in life a reality. , I’m ready to begin life’s long journey with a blade I one hand and my father’s love, and sprit in the other, moving forward at full speed ahead.