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P90X vs Insanity Essay

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Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions, although diet and exercise is important in weight management it is not the only cause to obesity. As Americans we are exposed to a fast lifestyle which causes us to eat unhealthy. Many Americans do not think that there is a fast way to lose weight. Programs such P90X and Insanity promise just that with consistent training and nutrition plan. If you can stay committed, these programs guarantee most people can transform their bodies in a matter of months.

Before starting any exercise program, contact a doctor and see if it is the best choice. These programs also suggest anyone considering starting the program to take their assessment. “Can just anyone physically handle the intensity of P90X or Insanity”? The answer is no, they are not for the physically ill or obese. These two programs are not only for losing weight but staying healthy and learning to balance your eating habits. Insanity should only be started by someone who already exercises on a regular basis and is ready to work very hard.

It takes a lot of motivation and determination to go through each DVD day in and day out. Insanity is great for legs, speed, endurance, and agility. It is about 20/80 Upper/Lower body. Most people say it’s the worst 45 minutes of their life, but also say it’s worth it in the end. The Insanity program last 45 minutes, it starts out with an 8 minute stretch or warm up, then proceeds into a 30 minute rough work out. The cool off stage comes next, but at this time you can barely lift your arms or move your legs.

Insanity doesn’t require equipment so it can be done pretty much anywhere. (Michael Esco P. H. ) P90X is less strenuous but not by much. Not just anyone can finish these programs, but if you can the results are guaranteed. The secret behind the P90X system is an advanced training technique called “Muscle Confusion,” which accelerates results by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored. The P90X program is a full body workout unlike the Insanity program. P90X is generally the best all-around fitness program anyone will find.

It works out the whole body and seems to be best for overall slimming. It is about 65/35 Upper/Lower Body. (Michael Esco P. C. ) Someone may wonder how much time is needed and what is needed in order to do the work outs. Both programs cost about 120 dollars and come with DVDs, a nutrition guide, and a calendar. They require 5 to 6 days a week to work out and it lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Insanity only uses body weight for resistance, but P90X asks that a pull-up bar, dumb bells, resistance bands, and exercise mat be used as well.

They can be done at home, or with a group, doing the program at home comes with its own problems, such as boredom and distractions. (Michael Esco P. C. ) How do they work? P90X uses the concept “muscle confusion”, which means that changing the workout schedule and doing new moves so that the body never fully adapts and all areas are trained. If someone is constantly are changing which muscles you are working out, they will be less likely to get bored and stay with the program.

Insanity uses “max interval” training, this is where someone work as hard as they can for a 3 minute time period, and then rest for 30 seconds. (Michael Esco P. C. ) P90X and Insanity both come with nutrition guides. P90X program is geared more toward weight loss and muscle gain, so the guide implements 3 phases in which to help the body shed the fat and build muscle. Insanity’s guide focuses on making sure that enough calories are took in to the fuel the body for the intense work outs. Following the nutrition guides and knowing what the body is going through is essential.

If an extra break is needed, the pause button is a great feature, and can allow for that extra time to relax and control breathing. The more aware of what is going on will be more beneficial in the end. Paying attention to what the body needs to accomplish the goals that someone wants to achieve is possible by following the guidelines with the programs. (P90X, 2013) Getting physically fit and following a nutrition plan is something that is so beneficial to everyone. It will improve your overall health and quality of life.

Eating healthy will boost the immune system, and give the body what it needs to function properly and fight off infectious diseases. It will reduce the risk of heart disease, prevents hypertension, reduced cancer risk, improved weight control, prevention of diabetes, and a longer life span. Getting physically fit not only helps the body but also the mind, it can burn of the left over chemicals of stress, give a mood boost, and improve the physical appearance of someone, giving them better self esteem. Following a nutrition plan and getting fit can only lead to good things. Donatelle, 2011) Keeping the weight off after the program ends may be the hardest part about losing weight. These programs are not for a quick fix or an easy way out. They are hard work and require a lot of attention as well as determination and desire to be finished. Once someone has completed the program they should have the want and need to stay in good shape. There are many ways to have fun and exercise at the same time. Getting outside and playing ball with friends or family, going to the park and playing jump rope with the children.

You could get out for a good walk in the park while listening to music that the person likes. Incorporating lifestyle changes are crucial to staying fit and healthy. If someone was inquiring about losing weight, get physically fit and change their diet, one of these programs could be right for them. In just a couple months, one can completely change their body and mind. P90X and Insanity are very intense and vigorous work out programs that will burn calories and build muscle if one follows the nutrition guide and exercise plans.

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