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     The article, “Qualitative Methods,” provides rather detailed information on qualitative research.  Presented in an objective manner, information in this article is useful for anybody that is new to the field of scientific inquiry.  The author does not only use clear headings to present information but also answers critics of qualitative methods who assert that numbers obtained through quantitative research may be generalized and qualitative research lacks scientific validity.  According to the article, if qualitative research is “well-designed” it must indeed be scientifically valid (“Qualitative Methods”).

     The article is written to inform the reader about “well-designed” qualitative research (“Qualitative Methods”).  Belk (2009) confirms that there is disagreement between those who believe that only quantitative research is scientifically valid versus those who mostly rely on qualitative methods.  Although the author of the article, “Qualitative Methods” does not mention this, Belk also writes that qualitative and quantitative methods are meant to answer separate research questions altogether.  So, even if qualitative research is “well-designed,” it remains true that all research questions may not be answered through qualitative methods (“Qualitative Methods”).  The author of “Qualitative Methods” should have mentioned this to further clarify the subject.

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     Then again, the article, “Qualitative Methods” provides enough information about “well-designed” qualitative research for the researcher to use this knowledge in a field that is highly insensitive to scientific invalidity, that is, nursing (“Qualitative Methods”).  In fact, Finfgeld-Connett (2008) uses some of the concepts defined in “Qualitative Methods” to present a qualitative study on a topic in nursing.  Sinkovics, Penz & Ghauri (2008) write on strengthening the scientific validity of qualitative research, so therefore their article should be read as a supplement to “Qualitative Methods.”  After all, regardless of how “well-designed” a qualitative study is, strengthening its scientific validity is important (“Qualitative Methods”).


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