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The Hospital for the Dying Essay

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The Hospital for the Dying Explain the philosophy behind the hospital for the dying. In the World States society the common relations between people are annihilated because on the one hand there are no families (no mothers giving birth to children, no parents, no marriages) and on the other hand because of the guiding principle “everyone belongs to everyone else“. There is no social dependence between people. If someone is going to die, the person won’t be missed the way as it is like in our society of the 21th century. Therefore there also is no reason to visit a dying person.

Furthermore the procedure of dying is made as pleasant as possible. The invalids are put into groups of twenty people who are destined to die in company. The rooms are large, painted in “happy” colours and flooded with sunshine to create a nice atmosphere to the dying. There is even a television for each running day and night. A perfume ensuring a comfortable smell is steadily changing. To make the stay in the hospital even more tolerable the nurses dope the dying with the drug soma which actually is used to send people on holidays. An employing nurse describes the hospital as „something between first-class hotel and feely-palace“(p. 71, l. 17). One part of the conditioning system established in the World State is death-conditioning. In that case of John visiting Linda there is a group of children getting used to death already at the age of eight. This effect is guaranteed by the fact that only people, who surely are going to die, are delivered to the hospital. Summed up all their life people are trained not to focus (too much) on a single person and – simultaneously – getting used to death. The main aim of the Hospital of the Dying is the social stability by eliminating emotions like grief and sorrow what nowadays is caused by death.

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