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The Pursuit of Happyness Movie Essay

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Chris Gardner VS Me In the scene of the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris and his son Christopher are sitting at a booth next to a window in a full diner at night. The camera zooms in on them eating. As Christopher eats, he begins to stare at an African American family across from the diner. The family is laughing and joking around as they enjoy their family dinner. Christopher begins to become distracted with envy of the “happy” family. Gardner looks at him with a smile and the realization that they already have what the other family has, each other. Scene closes.

There are many reasons why Chris Gardner achieves his goal of inspiration in this scene but I will list the three main ones. First, the system helped him out a lot. If it weren’t for transit buses, homeless shelters, and daycare there wouldn’t be a movie called The Pursuit of Happyness about a man named Chris Gardner. The daycare provided a safe place for Christopher to stay, which gave Gardner the opportunity to work as an internship. The homeless shelter allowed them to have a safe place to sleep at night. So, they could at least have a good night of sleep for all the running the next day.

The transit buses, like many people in the world, were able to help Gardner get around Chicago on a budget. He was able to save money for other important things like eating at a diner. Second, was the help received from others, when Gardner is standing in front of the Dean Witter and Reynolds building, he was inspired to become as “happy” as the people coming out of the building. He was also in a way given a second chance at the six-month internship interview. When he showed up with no shirt and they accepted him into the six-month internship anyway.

Last but not least, Gardner’s attitude and personality helped him achieve many roadblocks in his situation. He had patience, persistence, intelligence, communication, humor, self-confidence, and loving personality traits. All of these things helped him achieve the most important goal, having each other. As Yoko Ono once said, “Being alone is very difficult. ” After nearly a month of loneliness, I began to miss my friends terribly to the point where I was ready to go home.

I contacted them and they felt the same as I did, so we scheduled a girl’s weekend in my dorm. My mother agreed to pick Judith up rom Milwaukee and Jessica from Madison and then back. A week has passed and I get a call from my mother stating that there is something wrong with her truck. She would be only able to pick up and drop off Judith in Milwaukee. I text message Judith asking her if she still wanted to come over and she responded yes. A moment later she text message me stating that her mother would not let her go because they got into a heated argument about something personal. I began to freak out, thinking of ways Jessica could come to Kenosha from Madison before her shift at work ended, but nothing worked.

Jessica got off work at 9:30 P. M. so I text message her stating to call me when she got off. She did just that, I gave her the bad news and she began to cry because we only have each other to lean on. A phone call would be easier but it would not have satisfied our need for a physical hug and everything going to be all right speech. This motivated me to try harder to achieve my over all goal. We all spent this weekend alone without each other. Failing is the worst thing to admit but I have failed to achieve my goal of bringing my friends back together.

Most of the reasons why I have failed are my own fault. I was lacking persistence and patience to achieve my goal. Only if I would have planned my girls weekend two or three weeks ahead instead of waiting a week before the date to ask someone who always have car problems to drive as far as Madison and back. I should of had a plan A, B, and C of ways for them to get to Kenosha and back but I didn’t. What was out of my control? I had no control over the reason for Judith’s argument with her mother and my mother’s truck having mechanic problems. I also failed by depending completely on help from others.

At least Gardner succeeds at our very similar goal in the scene from the movie. In a similar way Gardner and I had the same goals, which was to have our close ones know that we have each other as a family. Our goals are the only connection between my narrative and Gardner’s scene from the movie. On the other hand, whether or not we achieved or failed our goals is a completely different story. In the scene from the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, Gardner succeeds patience, persistence, and many other great characteristics that helped him achieve his goal.

Also the scene closed with a “happy ending. ” In my narrative, I failed to achieve my goal because unlike Gardner, I had no persistence and many other things to succeed. That day ended with sad ending of reality. Reality can be a hard thing to digest for many people. The film scene implied the argument that Americans are so distracted with trying to achieve their goals. That they forget to stop, breathes, and remembers the important reasons why they want to achieve their goals. Some examples are family, spouse, to be comfortable financially, love, etc.

Why can’t we just stop when we are lost and look back at the reasons like we started this journey in the first place? The answer is inside of us all. I would imagine that my reader would agree with the implied argument because if it doesn’t hit them personally then it should hit someone they love dearly. Such as in my narrative I realized that I can’t achieve any goals without stopping or attempting to stop and just smile with “happyness” knowing that the people I love and lean on are right in front of me. In the end, there are many factors as of why people succeed and fail in life.

The main reasons people do in life are: the neighborhood they grew up in, two or single parent household, siblings or the only child, their characteristics, and hope or doubt. I believe that if people in this world are living their lives the way they want and they’re “happy” then the words succeed and fail means nothing. Some people loose the best features of themselves just to be successful in this economy. Even though Chris Gardner succeeds and I failed in our narratives, the one thing I know we have in common is that we are only human. Money isn’t everything; it doesn’t bring you everlasting “happyness. “